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About Judith:

  West Temple - Zion National Park  

I have been living in the little village of Springdale Utah, in the heart of Zion Canyon since 1997. I feel so honored and blessed to be able to live in one of the cleanest, most beautiful places on the planet.

Making soap each day, looking out the window at the beautiful Navajo sandstone cliffs in Zion Canyon I am overjoyed to be able to live and work in this magical place.


If you would like to create your own collection of soaps, simply choose the 'Personal Aromatherapy Collection' on our orders page or request it in an email to Judith:

Contact Judith by phone: (435) 668-4069

Or by email: judith@springdalesoap.com


I first started making soap for my family in the central mountains of Idaho in 1982. It is a very cold climate there, with snow on the ground for six or seven months a year!

Coming from the California bay area, I loved the extreme climate, skiing and raising a family in a healthy environment, and cooking with a woodstove. It set the stage for making handmade soap over the woodstove during the long, cold winter.

      Taking an old fashioned craft like soap making, and turning it into a new age business has been fun and exciting. This is where new meets old and blends two worlds. Natural soap today is not the soap our grandmothers made.  

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Now I make soap in the comfort of the kitchen with great stainless steel equipment, nice blenders and other comparatively sophisticated equipment. Some of the greatest gifts of all are the beautiful, exotic and luxurious oils. Tropical oils such as coconut and palm, Mediterranean oils like olive oil and the essential oils from all over the world.

But the greatest gift of all are the wonderful people like you, who love to use the products and that inspires me to keep making and making them, for years to come.
Good health and many blessings to you and your families.


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