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Springdale Natural Soap is dermatologist recommended for people with eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis because the ingredients are so gentle, yet strong enough to kill bacteria.

With no artificial ingredients, cheap scents, colorings and preservatives, most sensitive people can rest assured they won’t have an allergic reaction to any Springdale Soap products.




Springdale Natural Soap is a quality way to get your aromatherapy.

The scents can surround you in your bath or shower, filling your sense of smell, being delivered on the humid vapors of your shower water, with lavender, rosemary, lemongrass and other wonderful essential oils to make you feel great from the outside in.

To bring bliss, energy and harmony into your life, starting or ending your day with an aromatherapy treatment while bathing is a nurturing practice that you can do for yourself each day.


The Balm - Lip Balm


"The Balm"


"The Balm” got its name because it truly is the bomb!

“The Balm” Natural lip balm is made without petroleum products that dry out your lips. Many people are allergic to PABA and the artificial flavors and preservatives put in lip balms that help make them last for years on the shelves. Springdale Soap is proud to say our lip balm is the freshest and finest out there.

After 25 years of making The Balm I am so rewarded when my customers tell me they swear by it and would never leave home without it. Lip protection – priceless…


At Springdale Soap Co., I blend a healing mixture of the greatest oils for your lips. Carefully handmade comfrey oil, aloe vera, jojoba oil and an extra dose of Vitamin E oil with a hint of soothing menthol, will bathe your lips in comfort and natural sun protection.

It is the best lip balm a person can buy. So treat yourself to one today, and say goodbye to chapped, dry lips forever.

Vitamin E and beeswax are a natural sunscreen, and if you put on “The Balm” before going out in the sun you will never get sunburned lips.





At Springdale Soap Co. I make beautiful face and body moisturizers - all with the highest quality oils and essential oils.

Since these products contain only food grade ingredients and no preservatives, the cream moisturizer is custom made to order. When larger quantities are ordered, it is recommended they be stored in the refrigerator for longer life.

It is worth the extra care in handling to use the best, most natural ingredients on your skin.


The cream moisturizer is highly concentrated and a little bit goes a long way. All of my skin care products deeply condition the skin, are soothing and so very healing.

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